Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I'm savoring the relative calm of summer (aside from the usual busy-ness of grocery shopping after work, changing a wet bed in the middle of the night, etc.). We spent a relaxing weekend in New Jersey at Ben's brother's house with an average of 10 adults and six kids splashing around at any one time. I love just playing in the pool with the kids. We had a really nice time -- and no traffic! The other kids are cousins of Sarah and Becky, or we call them that; actually they're the children of cousins but who cares. Cousin #6 on this side of the family is due in less than a month and they live quite close to us, so soon there will be another baby with tiny toes to marvel at.

I found out about "dancing Matt" from this article in the New York Times today. Apparently the YouTube video has had over 4 million hits -- amazing. It's really very beautiful, especially since for the first time I was offered the option in YouTube to view it in high quality, so the colors were spectacular. Check it out.

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