Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moving right along, career-wise

So now it can be told: I gave notice at my job last week. My last day is August 8. This is not a great leap into the unknown, however -- far from it. Three days later I'll be starting a new job in the same general organization, doing the same general thing, but in a different department -- the medical department. This is a lot more in line with my interests both long-term and short-term (the longer-term possibility being a second career in nursing). I was very happy to get my current job after a year in exile in the Deep South and it was a very humane sort of interlude, but it's definitely time for a new challenge. The only minor downside thus far is that despite lobbying by me and my soon-to-be-boss, they're not gonna give me a Mac. Bleh. Oh well, at least I have my laptop at home.

The nursing thing is moving along slowly as expected. Earlier I was hoping to get into the night program at Bunker Hill Community College, but after I examined the curriculum more closely, I realized it would mean four LONG nights a week, which would be fine if I were single but not acceptable for me because I would miss my sweet girls way too much if I only saw them briefly in the mornings for four out of seven days each week. I'm acutely aware that their childhood is fleeting and that they are really fun to be with right now. They're well behaved (usually), funny, smart, interesting, curious, articulate loving -- as well as basically self-maintaining when it comes to feeding, dressing, and playing with each other without endangering themselves or their immediate surroundings. So I don't want to miss any more time than I already have to with a full-time job. There is a huge pent-up demand out there for three- or four-day-a-week jobs for parents of young kids; if only some enterprising employers and workers could come up with a workable model, it would catch on like wildfire. But I digress. I'm about to finish Anatomy and Physiology I, which was fascinating from a content standpoint though the professor drove my nuts with his inability to organize his writing (syllabus, homework, tests, etc.). Armed with my new knowledge, I can offer even more useless conversational tidbits, such as this morning when a friend asked me if I knew of the name (if any) for the condition where a person has no upper fold in their outer ear, sort of like a Vulcan. I said I sure didn't -- but did she know that the outer ear, the epiglottis and the Eustachian tubes are the only structures in the body that are composed of elastic cartilage? Most cartilage in the body is hyaline cartilage or fibrocartilage. Really.

Those amazing internets...

I didn't think it was possible, but McCain is even more clueless than Bush about the basic yet essential uses of the personal computer and the Internet. And also basic economics, but we knew that. And also discrimination when it comes to paying for Viagra vs. contraceptives. Even more than where they are on the political spectrum, I've always thought that basic stupidity about something most Americans take for granted is an automatic disqualifier for the presidency.

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