Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Politics... and Pixar

A few items gleaned from the first two not surprising but infuriating all the same:
  • A couple of douchebags at Fox "News" displayed some photographs that were so obviously altered in Photoshop as to be pathetic.
  • The non-news that McCain is now a clone of Bush and not a "maverick" despite any formerly semi-plausible claims to the contrary.
  • There's a new category of "equinox voters" (the spring-forwards and fall-backs) -- white-collar, more educated, information-economy types vs. blue-collar, less educated, manufacturing-economy types. This is interesting because these are demographics who once would have voted Republican and Democrat respectively, but are now tilting in exactly the opposite way.
After the July 4 parade in town tomorrow morning, we're off to New Jersey for some extended-family eating, children-mingling and poolside chatting. Speaking of children, after much nagging, we took the girls to see "Kung Fu Panda" last weekend. Capsule review: Don't bother. The funny thing is that I was genuinely excited to see posters or previews for upcoming sequels to "Madagascar" and "Ice Age." "Madagascar" was reasonably good, but the first "Ice Age" was a classic along the lines of "Toy Story," in my opinion. And "Ratatouille" was fabulous. I can now say I will see anything produced by Pixar. I wasn't interested in WALL*E until I read the glowing reviews assuing me it wasn't some sort of mindless "Tranformers" robot epic.

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