Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Utter disgust

What. The. FUCK?! Some obscure GOP state senator wins a special election to fill Ted Kennedy's seat?? Jesus Christ. All I can do is curse and moan. Plenty of blame to go around, apparently. My top choices:
  1. Coakley and her aides did not take this election seriously after she won the primary. The campaign was asleep at the switch. And Martha had little to say other than "I'm a Democrat so of course you'll vote for me."
  2. The lukewarm Dems and independents likewise didn't think this was worth going to the polls for.
  3. Many voters were lukewarm about the health care bill or actively turned off by it, and voted for Brown as a protest. and the Boston Globe both have good analyses. One notion is that even some initial Obama supporters are disappointed in his record so far: watered-down health care reform, Big Business bailouts, etc. Obama voters wanted change in 2008 and haven't gotten it, so they stayed home yesterday, while anti-Obama types obviously turned out in force.

Though I voted yesterday, I'm disappointed in the Dems as well. Locally, this election should not have been a contest. On the national level, how the hell can we have a Democrat in the White House, a big majority in the House and 60 Dems in the Senate and STILL get nothing done? When the hell are the Dems going to wake up and take the gloves off like the Republicans have been doing for years? They should be ramming through health care et al using the budget reconciliation process and sticking to the values that got them elected. Instead of all this consensus-building bullshit, they need to stop singing Kumbaya and grow a pair (I'm talking to you, Harry Reid, as well as you, Barack). We now clearly see that bipartisanship is a myth. Go all out, make change by any means necessary, fuck the obstructionists and REALLY piss off the right, instead of trying to placate and compromise. Then if you later get rejected by the voters, at least you stood up for something and went out with guns blazing.

There's nothing to lose by going nuclear now, since Obama's political capital seems to be already spent. before Brown takes office, let's see some executive orders, like ordering the military to allow gays to serve openly, taxing the shit out of the financial industry, reinstating the Glass-Stagell Act, repealing the antitrust exemption for the insurance industry*, and striking down the Defense of Marriage Act if at all possible.

2004: Proud to be from Massachusetts (gay marriage). 2010: Not so much.

* For those who accuse the media of liberal bias, Newsweek's latest issue includes a "My Turn" piece by an insurance industry CEO titled "It's Not My Fault" which is one of the most self-serving, one-sided pieces of shit I've ever read in that publication. Ironically, they ran a long essay by a conservative lawyer who's fighting to reinstate Proposition 8 to allow gays to marry in California and hopefully nationwide. More on that in another post.

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