Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No political ranting!

Instead, I'm amusing myself with some new blogs: Yo Mama's Blog and Steam Me Up, Kid. Also today's post about the Big Three Boston-area furniture companies on Surviving Grady (Jordan's Furniture, Bernie and Phyl's, and bob's Furniture). They asked which was most annoying, and I commented thus:
Isn't Bob the one whose commercials say, in most severe Boston accent, "You get the DRESSAH, the MIRRAH..." just so cheesy but without the unintentional camp of the others. I'll excuse Barry and Elliot because they have something of a brain between them, and I have a soft spot for Bernie and Phyl because I can go around saying "Quahliddy, com-fit and price ... that's NICE!"

Becky is also amusing me. As I woke her from a sound sleep this morning at 6:45 (and don't get me started on predawn arisings), I tried to get her brain in gear by asking what she wants for her birthday (she turns eight in February -- jeez). After just a brief moment of thought, she said, "A little swimming pool and a purple walrus. With sunglasses." I'm on it.


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