Monday, January 04, 2010

Much sleep was gotten

That sort of sums up the rest of our vacation. I'm ecstatic to report that the kids will now sleep as late as we do (or in Sarah's case, wake up earlier and read quietly). So Ben and I got to loll around in bed until 9:30 or even 10 on some of those mornings. There is no greater pleasure than a good night's sleep and a gradual awakening when it's not still dark out. What did we do when actually upright, you may ask? For the most part it involved sitting in front of the fire, playing Monopoly, watching DVDs, cooking and eating, seeing friends, and just hanging out. Somehow the time seemed to pass in a normal fashion.

We also caught up on some stuff we'd been putting off while Ben was unemployed, like taking the cats to the vet for shots and getting a plumber to deal with the clogged drain in the kids' bathroom. Isn't that exciting?Buy we did get out a bit... we went to a fun potluck in central Mass. at the home of an old colleague of Ben's. There were margueritas and '60s jamming by various guests, though thankfully there was no microphone for those who pitched in on vocals (ahem). Then yesterday we finally got off our butts and tried to go tubing at Nashoba Valley, but the constant snow had made the hill really slow, so we decided not to fork over $100 for four tickets and took the kids to One-Stop Fun instead. Tickets: $19.98. Letting the kids run around and clamber over things while Ben and I had an adult conversation? Priceless.

There was some sadness, however, as the husband of a friend of  mine died suddenly at age 45 just before Christmas, so there were many phone calls and emails, as well as visiting hours and the funeral on the 30th. I can't really imagine what she is going through, not to mention their daughter, who is about Sarah's age. We're all looking for ideas on how best to help them going forward now that the chaos of arrangements and relatives has faded. Any suggestions?


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