Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The political battle... and Deodorant Wars II

Today amalah posted the breathlessly awaited part II of the Battle of the Deodorants ("The Aluminator Strikes Back"). Classic. Funny coincidence because I was speaking to a total stranger just yesterday about deodorants and aluminum (warning: possible TMI alert). I was getting a routine mammogram and since we're in the digital age, the tech could bring up the images on screen instantly. After one shot she asked if I had used dordorant (which the instructions had said to avoid on the day of the exam) and I said I had by mistake. She showed me the pictrure -- lots of tiny white flecks from the aluminum in the deodorant at the edge of the picture near the armpit, and we woudln't want the radiologist to think they were tumors, of course, so it was a quick pit bath for yours truly and a reshoot.

On the political front, Jeff Jacoby, a Globe columnist I normally dislike because of his conservative views, made a cogent argument today as to why we should keep our crazy electoral college system even though it occasiobally means that someone like Douchebag in 2000 gets to be repsent after having lost the total national popular vote. This is in response to the latest round of ideas to either amend the Constitution to abolish the electroal college, or do a state-by-state end run via the National Popular Vote bill. Your thoughts?

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