Friday, December 08, 2006

There was more to the story

I few months ago I linked to this compelling bit of nature news (though the photo really says it all). After some careful forensic analysis by National Geographic, it appears that the python did NOT pop from the size of the gator it had swallowed. Seems another alligator bit off the python's head some time after it had chowed down on gator #1. But questions remain on... CSI Everglades.

Had another of those (how did I wind up in this movie?" moments the other day when I found a scribbled to-do list I'd made some time ago. The things to do were:
Am I a domestic goddess or WHAT? Fortunately the list also included two other items that indicate some slightly wider mental range:
  • do self-evaluation [a masochistic component of our annual performance evaluation process]
  • blog
Still, at this time of year, no one can hold a candle to Martha for making a list and getting things done.

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