Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Interesting commentary on NPR yesterday about why everyone is so taken with Barack Obama. The commentator's view (Steven Barnes) is that Obama projects hope and positivity across racial divides because he is a black American who does not carry the psychological baggage of being African-America (i.e., descended from slaves).

The holidays are coming, which means the domestic-goddess thing ratchets up with holiday cards (arrived via Shutterfly but not yet addressed and sent), planning meals for in-laws (I'll take the 10-pound bag of potatoes for muchas latkes), various end-of-year school functions of a social and/or charitable nature, and mixing a playlist for the office holiday party. Fortunately I keep my sense of humor by playing this little ditty now and then. Batteries not included! FI-I-I-I-VE months of bills!

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