Thursday, December 14, 2006

Same ol' same-old

I meant to comment on this development a while back, but better late than never -- just to state the obvious that the Catholic leadership is STILL full of shit despite their latest doctrinal blah-blah. The highlights: "homosexual acts are immoral" and "the homosexual inclination is objectively disordered." Needless to say, the ban on same-sex marriage, civil unions and adoption are still in full force. "Because homosexual acts cannot fulfill the natural end of human sexuality, they are never morally acceptable," says the chairman of the bishops' doctrine committee. This of course is also a reflection of another "stay the course" sentiment regarding use of contraception, including by married couples. Since sex outside of marriage is verboten and as we know, the only reason to have sex even within marriage is to have so many kids that you financially and emotionally destroy the marriage, not to mention the older kids who get less time and food with every new arrival in an impoverished family.

Are these clowns still using as justification the line in Leviticus 18 ("You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination")? Even though Jesus did not say this? And elsewhere in the Bible we have all sorts of instructions about forbidden foods, making animal sacrifices, etc., etc.? Obviously you can't interpret the Bible literally, and even that "abomination" thing can be viewed another way, as can anything in the Bible on this or any other topic.

On the national front, the USA has made remarkable progress. The Pentagon has decided after much careful thought that for purposes of the military, homosexuality is now a "circumstance" rather than a mental disorder (other circumstances being bed-wetting, stuttering, dyslexia, etc.). Bravo! Apparently we have to look to the nation that invented apartheid for the final word. Yes, the parliament of South Africa just legalized same-sex marriage -- and the country's Anglican archbishop (Desmond Tutu's successor) is cool with it. "One of the key things that we have learned both as a country and as a church is the principle of nondiscrimination, because the people who were discriminated against (under apartheid) were judged on things they couldn't alter," he says. The South African defense minister (counterpart to Pentagon boss Donald Rumsfeld, of course) notes, "Let us bequeath to future generations a society which is more democratic and tolerant than the one that was handed down to us."

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