Thursday, December 21, 2006

I loffed until I stopped

Mimi, one of my favorite bloggers had a recent post that cracked me up more then usual.

Every year since 2000 there have been children in my life, which means there's actually a point to Christmas/Hanukkah/whatever, and every year they understand more about the holidays' significance and especially about the PRESENTS I WANT TO OPEN THEM NOW! So why is it that every year I seem to be more and more lame at getting it together vis a vis said holiday(s)? (Disclosure: I just did a Freudian-slip typo and transposed the consonants in "lame" – really.) This year we had the added element of visiting in-laws, which was very wonderful and familial, so between the cooking and house-cleaning (read: removing only life-sized dust bunnies and toothpaste sink-boogers larger than my thumbnail), when the hell do I have time to actually procure and wrap presents? Thank God for even though most of the stuff still arrived too late. Then there was the office holiday party yesterday that required me to assemble a comprehensive iPod holiday playlist plus a batch of cognac sugar plums (which did not win the home-made dessert contest but I'm NOT BITTER). So now I'm sort of catching my breath and turning my thoughts to those less important household to-do items like stocking the kids' dressers with clean folded clothes rather than plucking outfits from laundry baskets each morning. Before the next onslaught of fun, which is Ben's mother starting tomorrow night, which is wonderful because she and the kids adore each other but can be a bit of a conversational strain as she is suffering from early Alzheimer's and conversational topics tend to keep coming back into view like a horse on a merry-go-round. Calgonite, take me away. As much as I would love some extra time, I like my job and I could never be a full-time stay-at-home mom because honest to God what the hell do they do with themselves all day?

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