Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We're happy because he's unhappy

First, a word from my favorite recent blog entry: unintentional vegetarian propaganda (click on the mysterious one-word links).

Now then. About the Red Sox. Great
column by Thomas Boswell in the Washington Post saying that the Sox-Yankees era of dominance is over (debatable) but, more to the point, that Steinbrenner's high-priced players made a deal with the devil to go to a team dripping with fame and money that gives them a chance to win the World Series with no heavy lifting required. But it didn't work this year, and definitely not last year (HA!). Now his unrelenting egotism and unrealistic demands have driven away his pitching coach after already driving away his bench coach a couple of years ago (Zimmer), and maybe his GM and manager are sick of the bullshit as well. It's so gratifying when even an unlimited budget, apparently talented GM and maybe the best-ever manager are not able to make Steinbrenner happy ("Win me a World Series championship or you all SUCK!") because basically he's an evil greedy asshole and it's hard to play your best and feel good about yourself when you realize you were hired as a highly paid whore for the sole gratification of your team owner.

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