Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Eye shadow will get you places

Here's a shocker: Bush nominated Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court in large part because she's a fellow fundamentalist Christian. Don't forget the other reason: that she's an old Texas buddy. Obviously we've learned exactly zero from the Michael Brown cronyism brouhaha. Also she's a token woman, meaning she's biologically female but would never do anything unladylike such as making waves about the rampant sexism she's personally encountered throughout her career. Sort of like Clarence Thomas is a token African-American. Not that there aren't politically conservative African-Americans, but to think that Clarence represents the legal views of the majority of that group is absurd -- and that's the only reason he was nominated. Bush Senior: "I gotta nominate a black. Find me one who has a law degree and is conservative." Sweating aide: "OK, we found two. One of them smears feces all over his cell, and the other one has a room-temperature IQ and has some sort of sexual-harrassment changes against him." Bush: "Is that a problem?"

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