Friday, October 21, 2005

Let's keep smelling the coffee

The news just keeps getting worse for Bush, thank God. What with Miers, DeLay, Rove/Libby/Plame, FEMA, the transparently choreographed video chat with soldiers in Iraq, etc., people may finally be taking notice. Though there's nothing we can do to the bastard for three more years, since impeachment is NOT an attractive option given who's next in line. Hopefully Bush won't slime his way out of his messes before 2008, a hope I hold mainly because his chief slimers are the ones in trouble, and the press is finally reporting on the crap they've been pulling, as if it's a surprise to anyone who's been paying attention. Meanwhile, as Hyrricane Wilma meditatively eyes Florida, we hear that disgraced political hack former FEMA head Michael Brown was even more incompetent than we realized, even as he tried to blame everyone else for his incompetence.

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