Thursday, October 06, 2005

Take small bites

1. The Red Sox are doing it again. Tony Graffanino is the new Bill Buckner. So now they're down two games to none and must sweep the next three to stay alive. Sounds improbable, except this same team accomplished the feat in 1999, 2003 and 2005 (four straight against the Yankees, which is still SO SWEET!). If they can pull out just one win, I won't feel so bummed. But hey, the Red Sox losing late is normal, and as Boston fans, we live for this, as Jose Melendez points out in

2. Sometimes I read the "offbeat" news stories and find it not worthwhile, but today's featured item had me slack-jawed with amazement. How can a snake even think he could swallow a whole damn alligator? What hubris! It would have behooved him to wait until the gator was dead or pert-near dead, snacking on some loudly dressed tourist hors d'oeuvre in the intreim. Well, he paid the ultimate price. Next time, listen to your mother.

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