Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Now on to the secondaries?

The primaries are finally over and Obama has wrapped up the nomination. The big question remaining is what Hillary's role will be. There's talk of Obama picking her as his VP but I just can't see it. She and Bill won't be able to help drawing attention away from Obama, and that will diminish him in the eyes of voters, making him seem more like the junior member of the team.

Lots of road-trip fun the last two weekends. The first was a trip to this swell resort in the Berkshires, courtesy of an old colleague of Ben's. He had his wedding at another hotel nearby and threw a 10th-anniversary bash at this place (fortunately we go a discount on the room, and the food and drink were free -- and excellent). A bunch of the people were guys who started this company that ultimately got bought out; the guys are super nice, and most of them had their wives and kids along, so that made out kids happy (that and the indoor pool; add that to the mix and a slow trip through hell would become a dream vacation for them). We also wandered around Stockbridge and went on a really beautiful hike up Monument Mountain. The weather ad views were great, and it was nice to get into nay-chah a bit. Even the kids didn't complain too much, though Sarah was in some discomfort because she's too inhibited to pee in the woods even with no one watching. Oh well, another dime in the therapy fund jar.

Then this past weekend we went to my 25th college reunion. This time the weather sucked -- it was cold and rainy all day on Saturday -- and I saw almost no one I cared to speak with, mainly because I didn't really know anyone when I was a student. Even though it's a small school, I stuck close to my fraternity (coed by order of the college when it started admitting women), but none of my frat friends from my year were around except one guy who's kind of a nerd (actually, most people in my frat were nerds). I had some nice talks with one guy who was not in my frat but that's about it. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but what the hell... now I can sort of close the book on that part of my life.

Again, though, there were plenty of fun things for the kids, even though most of the action was inside a gym. there was a magic show, a jazz band, ice cream and a climbing wall, but the best part was a little thing called "Bedtime Stories" with the school mascot, someone dressed in a bear suit. Sarah and Becky were the only kids to show up, so they had quality time hearing stories while sitting on a bear's lap, and then playing tag and hide-and-seek with the big pantomiming critter. Then on Sunday the weather was nice again, so we made a short side trip to the ocean. Even if you're just on a boat launch, which we were, it's always good to be with the sea.

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