Friday, June 27, 2008

Hearts and armpits

Sometimes I go a few days between blog posts, because I simply can't think of anything interesting to write about. Not that my life is dull or anything, but it's just that I don't often go into my bathroom and encounter duelling deodorants.

The demonization of Obama by the Republicans has predictably begun. It's early yet, but fortunately they seem to be not very good at it so far. I'm with Maureen Dowd -- I'd rather have Obama's flaws than W's any day.

The girls are finishing up a week of YMCA camp and loving it. On Monday they start six weeks of camp in town, where hopefully there will also be several of their friends from school. I had some apprehension before this week about putting them somewhere where they didn't know anyone -- worried that they would feel scared or homesick, but once again I was projecting myself at that age onto the girls, who thankfully are much less shy and fearful than I once was. Tonight they're being watched at home by Ben's nephew Z. plus wife and two-year-old M., who the girls love. Becky especially is so good with younger children. She's just naturally empathetic and kind. Sarah is too, but not as much as Becky. Sarah's advantage over Becky (see how fair and balanced I'm being?) is musical talent. A friend at work is sending her daughter to music camp (day camp, not sleep-away) and maybe that's something I should look into for next summer for Sarah. Summer is kind of a big logistical production, what with driving them to camp and filling out umpteen forms (in duplicate since ther are two kids) for every program. I learned that some parents send their kids to several programs one after the other, I guess to maximize the variety, but the thought of even more forms is discouraging, but after all, it's about the kids and not me and my writer's cramp, so I'll just have to suck it up. Silly me, I keep thinking things get easier as kids grow older, but they jsut get difefrent. Easier in the sense of less direct supervision, no diapers and feedings, etc., but just different things to eat up time and planning. Oh well. They're so much fun at this age -- talkative, imaginative, affectionate and jsut plain interesting. Now if I coud just remember to write down the funny things they say and post them.

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