Friday, June 06, 2008

Carnivores and herbivores

Ben and I got tickets through his college to the Red Sox game the other night. The seats weren't great (the foul pole was in our line of sight to home plate), nor was the weather (drizzly and cool), but it's always nice to have that group Fenway experience. Chatting with the complete stranger behind you, drinking overpriced beer and eating a squishy hot dog, doing the wave, singing "Sweet Caroline," chanting "Let's go Red Sox!" (clap, clap, clapclapclap), hitting the beach ball as it comes by, watching the guys in the center field bleachers add red "K" signs to the series of letters forming Josh Beckett's name -- BECKKKKETT after four strikeouts, though some of the K's are backwards, indicating th batter struck out looking rather than swinging... it's all good. Too bad we'd have to take out a second mortgage to go as a family, even if we could obtain four decent seats to any game ever. Of course we could pay double the face value on, and throw in $30 for parking, and maybe feed every hungry child in Africa while we're at it...

Speaking of Africa, I came across an interesting opinion piece on Obama in "Kenya Today." The writer makes some interesting points about racism in American vs. Kenya (the entitled Kikuyu vs. minority Nuo tribes), America's image in the rest of the world (shitty, of course), and my favorite image, the idea of the U.S. employing herbivorous as opposed to carnivorous power.

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