Thursday, February 14, 2008

Open wide and say "Ack"

We went to Mass. Eye and Ear last Wednesday so an ENT could have another look at Sarah's humongous tonsils. Her dentist had recommended getting them out, not because she's getting sick a lot, but because they're so big that they sometimes bother her with the feeling that she's about to choke on something. But the main reason is because they cause her to breathe through her mouth a lot, which is somehow messing up the developing shape of her palate, necessitating earlier (and undoubtedly more expensive) orthodontic stuff. She's gonna need braces anyway as she inherited my overbite, not helped by the fact that she sucked her thumb until the dentist told her a couple of months ago to stop -- and lo, she did! But the damage has been done. So Sarah gets to have an unbearably sore throat starting March 18.

Side note: when I checked in at the main desk for our appointment, we were aided by a nicely dressed and coiffed middle-aged woman. I couldn't help stare a bit, though, and as we were finishing up, I leaned in and murmured in the tone of one sistah helping out another in embarrassing matters of appearance, "Um, you know, there's a big smudge of dirt on your forehead." She replied, "Yes, I know, It's ashes." As in, Ash Wednesday. Whoops. Are we having Jewish fun yet? Guess I'm just another heathen who can't distinguish between devotion to Christ and inadequate attention to hygiene.

Second side note: Every time I see this type of medical specialist, I'm reminded of a Rhymes With Orange comic where a woman and her kid are standing in a hallway with an overhead sign labeled "Pediatric Specialists." The sign on the first door says "Ear, Nose and Throat." The second door says "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes." I told that one to our pediatrician and she cracked up.

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