Friday, February 08, 2008

Choices made and sometimes regretted

If you don't read Finslippy every day (and you should), I have to highlight two recent posts that cracked me up. A lot. One was about what not to cook. The other was Finslippy's summary (with editorial comment of course) after receiving stories from her readers about unfortunate parenting choices they kind of regret, like not realizing they had leprosy before sending them off to summer camp.

* * *

Every so often you come across a news story about people who, to use a couple of apt cliches, really think outside the box and make an extra effort to get something done -- something that most people wouldn't even think of attempting. Here are two that made me nod in admiration, sort of:

Doing whatever it takes to cash a check

Creating the perfect final resting place

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