Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And the winner is...

Sunday night: Yes, I watched the Oscars, but only a tiny fraction thereof, due to cleanup of massive dinenr party involving relatives for Becky's 6th birthday, and later sleeping with Becky as she had developed croup (cough = bark like a seal) and was very unhappy. The one major award I saw was Ms. Cotillard winsomely winning Best Actress for "La Vie en Rose" which I didn't see. I loved her totally unfaked joy and unscripted thanks, as well as her gorgeous hair and fish dress. In fact I saw none of the major nominees (unless you count "Ratatouille" en famille) except "Away From Her," which I didn't think deserved Best Actress. The highlight of the evening was catching up by phone with my cousin K. We're very close -- we talk every year on Oscar night, though in younger days I watched the show with her wherever she was living in Florida or Georgia. And went to the beach, of course.

Monday: At home with Becky, both of us exhausted. Mother-daughter napping was enjoyed by all.

Today: Busy and hanging in there. Pondering the deliciousness of homemade chicken soup with matzo balls, Obama's rise and Hillary's fall, commuter trains and their inability to keep on schedule...

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