Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shiva me timbahs

Ben is off the New Jersey for a couple of days for the funeral of his stepmother's brother (esophageal cancer, age 70 or thereabouts, though he never smoked). The girls made cards for Meema (the grandchildren's name for Ben's stepmother). The sweetness quotient of their cards and pictures has gone way up since they progressed from random scribbled to actual writing and recognizable pictures. I recently bought two huge plastic tubs for their collected artwork, which is getting a lot harder to throw away because it's so damn cute, especially since they go whole hog on Mother's Day, father's Day, birthdays, etc. How can you toss out (or even recycle) something with shaky little letters that spell "I LOVE YOU MOMMY" even though you already have several hundred variations on the theme?

On deck in the Circling-the-Drain Derby is Meema's mother, who is only recently become bedridden, which is amazing considering she and her husband are in their mid-90s and have been fighting like cats and dogs for the last several decades at least. She thinks he's stepping out with another woman. Reminds me of an old joke. Imagine having an 82-year-old son-in-law (Ben's father).

Here's a funny post about the current state of foreign affairs, and the best interview ever with Ann Coulter. That woman has some SERIOUS unresolved family issues resulting in vicious ambition, loss of contact with reality, relentless need for attention and hatred of just about everybody. Well, maybe that's too harsh. Perhaps she's right, and the Palm Beach officials who charged her with knowingly voting in the wrong precinct actually do have syphilis and it's affected their brains. And God knows some of the 9/11 widows have gotten an unbecoming amount of press. As dear Ann says in her new book, "How do we know their husbands weren't planning to divorce these harpies?" Sadly, no one would listen to her if she lived before they invented photography, because I suspect most people who pay attention to her are men of various political stripes who harbor fantasies of stuffing a bacon double cheeseburger down her throat, or perhaps other things.

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