Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Random drivel

Tonight is Sarah's second appearance on stage. The lower groups at her summer camp are putting on "Peter Pan." She didn't seem happy about it this morning. I asked why, thinking she was having stage fright, but hell no. She's bummed because she has to play John and doesn't get to be Peter Pan or Tinkerbelle. I assured this young Leo that she'll have plenty more chances. In case you were wondering, her first appearance was at the age of five days, when Ben and I attended a show by our old theater group. Since we knew everyone, we schmoozed with cast and crew before show time and trundled Sarah in her baby carrier across the dark stage to give her a kind of theatrical baptism, you should pardon the expression. If she was a boy, perhaps we would have waited until she was eight days old. Later, under cover of darkness in the audience, I fed her in what would turn out to the first of many semipublic breast-feedings because it was either that or inflict her screams upon an unsuspecting world.

Nature can be so kooky sometimes. Like when it produces this lobster that was clearly conceived after Nature had watched some episodes of the old Star Trek. Lobstah, let that be your last battlefield.

So happy to be back in Macland... as you may recall, I've come in from a year in the Windows wilderness. I'm hardly an expert on computers of the business of same, but I can't get over how people are such mindless carp that they'll stubbornly stick with something that just plain sucks compared to the alternative (Windows vs. Mac), and that Microsoft feels it must keep catering to this fear of change. This article explains the problem pretty well. When Apple switched (I wouldn’t use the word "upgrade") from OS 9 to OS X, it was a bit of a drag at first for users since software wasn't upgradeable across the two, but on the other hand, it's a clean break necessitated by the goal of making a huge leap of improvement over OS 9, whereas Microsoft keeps making new versions of Windows backwards-compatible, so now it's so clunky and stupid that it's 10 billion lines of code and creating an upgrade is like trying to diaper a hyperactive baby elephant.

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