Monday, May 22, 2006

Taking to the water

First of all, I recently noticed that the links in my April 29 post didn't go through from Microsoft Word for some reason (what a piece of shit that program is -- don't get me started), so have another look. The mots important thing, of course, is "The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan."

The girls are now in Level 2 swimming lessons. Sarah is older and has always loved the water, so she's having a swell time. Becky is more bouyant but a bit younger and more insecure, so she isn't willing to let me get more than a few feet away from her and the rest of the class in the pool. But that's OK because she still loves the water and I get to see her cute chubby thighs in the water, which I have to remember may someday resemble those of the submerged Shelley Winters in "The Poseidon Adventure," and good lord but I totally have to see the remake that jsut came out, even though the characters and dialogue will undoubtedly have way too little over-the-top hamminess and bathos. But I digress. Becky has also been unable to stay in her room all night because she's scared, though of what it's not entirely clear, though the Were-Rabbit in the latest Wallace and Gromit flick must take some of the blame, as well as yours truly, who was napping on the couch a couple of weekends ago while inadvertently hidden under a big quilt, and the kids, who were playing happily for quite a while, suddenly wondered where I was (Ben was out) and looked everywhere for me and didn't see me and just TOTALLY FREAKED. Plus we were totally unsympathetic when this first manifested itself, screaming at both kids to stay in their beds one night because we were trying to watch an exciting come-from-behind Red Sox win with a friend in our living room, so now the kids will probably hate the Red Sox as well, which in my view is much worse than having your miscellanous phobias.

Mimi Smartypants recently posted some hilarious imaginary conversations (scroll down to that heading). I first appreciated her turn of phrase when she was discoursing on the special people she encounters on the subway. I may have to buy her book.

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