Friday, May 19, 2006

Keep up the good fight and all that

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. Work has actually gotten very busy -- I'm overseeing the redesign of a big web site, including writing and editing a lot of the content. Also I've been having feelings of inadequacy about blogging when you don't really have anything important to say, largely because I've been reading a blog the last few days by a woman who just this week died of ovarian cancer. Obviously someone in that situation has a lot of serious emotions and important information to share about herself, and some urgency to record these things before they're gone. Plus she was a terrific and funny writer. Plus I have a workplace friend in her early 50s who was healthy as a horse until she had a seizure in December and was diagnosed with Stage 4 glioblastoma multiforme, a brain cancer that is 99 percent fatal within 12 months. Aside from the usual stuff about her courage, she is still thinking a great deal about our workplace and the people in it, and the fact that she can possibly give a shit is amazing to me. So I know I don't have anything profound to impart, but I have to remind myself that this blog has only the modest goals of keeping a few people in touch with our lives and also hopefully providing a sort of insight into me and our family for the kids when they're older, though probably the Internet will have exploded by the time they're 18 from excessive amounts of bad home movies, porn and penis enlargement spam.

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So... back to the land of the trivial. Speaking of the Internet getting wrecked, you may have heard about this bill that would essentially be the death knell for free and equal access to web sites. Basically the big phone companies/ISPs want to make more dough by eliminating "network neutrality." They'd do this by collecting money from owners of various sites in exchange for those sites' higher visibility (and slowdowns or other difficulties in accessing their competitors' sites). So for example, hungry users would suddenly find it very easy to access and read the McDonald's web site and hard to get to the far more illuminating Weight Watchers recipe cards site. So call your politicians, sign a petition, stand in front of a tank... it would just suck if the web wound up becoming like books or movies, where anyone could create a piece but very few would be able to get it widely distributed. Imagine if another crappy new search engine could pay AT&T to guarantee that it opens faster than Google on your computer. Barf. Sounds familiar... Internet Explorer, anyone?

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