Friday, May 26, 2006

The rogue wave is coming

Ben and I saw "Poseidon" on Wednesday. To absolutely no one's surprise, I have lots of Deep Thoughts about the remake as well as comparisons to the original ("that's heavy, Robin"). I know it's retarded, but I took a pass on the scifi-fantasy Hobbit / Dungeons and Dragons nerdliness earlier in life, and I'm not a computer programmer, so I have the right to geek out about SOMETHING. Too bad I don't put this much effort into something else, like say learning an instrument, in which case I'd be appearing nightly at Carnegie Hall or at least Great Woods. But this is gonna take a while, so brace yourself for a future sea o' type.

Elsewhere in the news, work has turned into a deluge as I crank out actual web pages, among other side projects that have suddenly cropped up. This three-day weekend will be a wonderful thing. And no 9:15 a.m. soccer tomorrow -- woo hoo! Ben personally accompanied the surveyor and held the sticks this morning at our new house to, you know, encourage the guy to get it done. So now our architect can draw up real site plans and we can get on the Zoning Board of Appeals agenda. I never thought in all those years of covering these pulse-pounding meetings as a reporter in various little towns that I'd be up there as an applicant (or is it supplicant?).

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