Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why I read newspapers

And to think I once planned to pursue the broadcast news track while getting my master's in journalism.

Good thing I stuck with newspapers. They'll always be a vital and treasured part of our society, right?

Yeah, so how's that advanced degree workin' out for ya?

* * *

Seen and heard (or heard of) on the way to work:

1. A man rubbing his ass against a card reader in a subway station. Because, you know, it was too much trouble to take his T pass out of his back pocket. He just had to get... close enough.

2. The most laughably stupid thing ever done while behind the wheel. On a ride to the subway after dropping off my car for repairs, we were slowed by an accident (clear weather). I remarked that the offending driver was probably texting and talked with the shuttle driver about stupid things we've seen people do while driving.

Me: I once saw a woman zooming through the intersection in Brighton center while she was applying mascara in the rear-view mirror.

Him: I see that all the time. The best one I saw was the guy who was shaving while he as driving."

Me: "Wow, that's pretty dumb. So he was using an electric shaver, right?"

Him: "Nope, a blade and shaving cream."

Me:  (:: blink blink ::)
Him: "Yeah, he had a cup of water in the cup holder and he was dipping the razor in there. (mimes the motion of shaking water, shaving cream and whiskers off the blade into an invisible spot where a mug of coffee would usually go).

And the thing is, this being Boston and all, I didn't doubt for a second that the guy was telling the truth.

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