Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Molded in someone's twisted image

Before we contemplate The Molds, please do check out James Likek's comprehensive and hilarious collection of Regrettable Foods. I particularly enjoy Meat! Meat! Meat! Part 2 and Bran Plus for Minus People.

There is apparently nothing you can't transform into a smooth, shiny, hideously unattractive foodstuff with a mold. Semispherical, rectilinear or any shape you care to imagine. Note the smooth and glistening semitransluscent Jello-O, which shows off the unidentifiable chunks lurking within. (*Urp* I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.) Or... the unidentifiable food-things could be arrayed decoratively on top, in the case of the calcified block of scrambled eggs. Very festive, those Christmas-themed slime worms. It makes you want to STAB IT WITH THEY STEELY KNIVES! Or silver cake server, maybe.

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