Thursday, July 09, 2009

There will be blood

Funny coincidence the other night... out of the blue, Sarah asked me what tampons were (she had seen a tampon machine in a public restroom and it registered for the first tine, I guess). I'd talked about menstruation before, but we hadn't discussed a Lady's Way of Dealing With Aunt Flo. I described the reason for needing tampons and, warming up, began discussing the tampon's structure and function. I went into our bathroom to get one to dissect for her edification. Then just as I was reaching the high point of the story (pantomiming insertion fully clothed), there was a perfectly timed howl from elsewhere. Rolling my eyes I waited to see what Drama Queen was overreacting to now, when into the bathroom she rushed... dripping blood from her face, arms and hands. Yes, with her impeccable talent Becky had managed to give herself a whopping nosebleed by somehow bumping her nose with her own knee, and then dashing in, deus ex machina-like, to inadvertently illustrate my story. Except I didn't have the heart to point out to either of then that it was the wrong orifice...


For Ben's birthday we went on a date (his nephew babysitting for free, BOO YAH!), had delicious Indian food at a restaurant we'd never been to, then saw the new Star Trek movie and loved it, then saw a little fox in the dark mist on the way home.


The meteorological suckitude has scarcely abated. Today it did not rain. For once. But it still isn't hot like summer is supposed to be. At least we're saving a bundle on air conditioning, As in, NONE so far and it's the second week of July. Tomorrow we go to Nantucket for three-plus days. The weather is supposed to be decent at least tomorrow, if still cool. If there are thunderstorms when we're at the beach, there WILL be blood.

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