Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A most excellent vacation

We returned Monday from four days in Nantucket, and it was one of my top 5 vacations ever. I have to write it down so I'll remember it, but if it's too boring to read, just go to Mimi Smartypants' latest, which is even excellenter than usual.

We left Friday morning for Hyannis and barely made the 11:00 ferry (who knew you STILL had to stand in line to get printed tickets when you had purchased them beforehand online?). The house that D1 and . rented in Sconset was absolutely beautiful -- a spacious living room with a strip of backyard and then the bluff dropping to the wide-open sea. We were in an adjacent guest cabin, while K, her 9-year-old daughter J, and D2 were in the main house as well (K, D, D2 and I all worked at the same place at various times). The kids loved battling the waves and then eating ice cream at Sconset Beach even though the water was pretty cold thanks to the worst June weather ever. Then we had a barbecue and cocktails in the front yard that evening while Sarah and J. quickly became fast friends.

On Saturday we had a ride in Nantucket Sound in B's beautiful boat, complete with fancy color GPS map that shows your location in real time, as well as water depth chart and sonar for finding fish. Kind of chilly in the wind but beautiful. Then a visit to the beach club (water, beach chairs, umbrella and towels provided; excellent shells collected). Then D1's 12-year-old daughter babysat while the adults had a great time eating and drinking at a Latin restaurant and then strolling around town. Surprisingly few pairs of hideous madras shorts seen on the men; must be the cool weather. Earlier in the day, however, I spotted what I took at first to be an African-American woman on the beach until I looked more closely and realized she was a bleached blonde (white) woman in her 60s with skin that had been tanned to the shade of rich Corinthian leather. Ew.

On Sunday we went to the pool (more plushy towels and a cool outdoor shower). Another barbecue that night. Monday included a visit to the little aquarium in town (stuffed animals were acquired in the gift shop, naturally), another visit to Sconset Beach and a walk back to the house along the bluff -- between the ocean views on our right and the fantastic homes on our left, one of the most beautiful walks ever. In between these excursions there were Bananagrams, reading, talking, Webkinz World (for the kids) and only one email check all weekend. I officially love Nantucket. Must start buying lottery tickets. I've never been good about including photos with my posts because I'm too lazy, but I'll try to upload a couple.

Remind me to describe the other Best Vacations Ever: Virgin Islands by sailboat, April 1991; and Paris, summer 1985 when you could get 10 francs for a dollar. Sweet...

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