Sunday, June 21, 2009


On some blog or other, I recently saw a new game where you Google the phrase "unfortunately [your name]" and see what you get. I tried it with both my real first name (the first set below) and then my blog nickname. Pretty funny. This would be a good exercise to give a creative writing class ("Students, construct a coherent and gripping 500-word narrative using six of your resulting phrases from Google. You have 30 minutes. Begin."). Try it!
  • Unfortunately A. was sick for four days with a bug, but we still managed to juggle our days around all the vomiting...
  • Unfortunately, A. cannot respond to requests for help with academic assignments.
  • Unfortunately, A. took offense and refused to cooperate.
  • Their hard work in Monrovia brought them great rewards but unfortunately A. contracted African fever there...
  • Unfortunately, A., who has made a considerable effort to "glamorize" herself for the evening, angrily assumes that the glamorous but empty-headed Rita has swept Ralph off his feet.
  • Unfortunately, A. and Bob cannot simply use their DSA keys because DSA employs a generator of a subgroup of (Z/pZ)* and not of the whole group.
  • also had some problems, especially hot gas ingestion problems, so, unfortunately, the Yak-141 won't be entering service.
  • Unfortunately, the yak seem to love the burdocks and at times come back from a romp somewhere totally encrusted with them
  • ...unfortunately the Yak seemed to have a lot of roll coupling...
  • Unfortunately the yak used in this study was a hybrid.
  • Unfortunately the Yak can sometimes get stuck when you are trying to lead him around and you may need to fiddle with the commands to tell the yak to move away and then once he gets unstuck, click on the command to make him follow you again.

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