Monday, June 29, 2009

A perfect day (or close enough)

An almost-perfect summer Saturday:
  1. Going to the dump (oddly satisfying)
  2. Scoring some books at the library, including some classics for Sarah ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Misty of Chincoteague").
  3. Grocery shopping -- pleasurable because I had no kids with me, so I got to use the boop-boop scanner thingy MYSELF! Wheeee!
  4. A quick swim at the local pond, though the rumble of thunder caused the only imperfection to the day, because it meant everybody had to get out of the water and leave, which was disappointing for the kids but a good ting in terms of having enough time for...
  5. Chopping and marinating for that evening's barbecue featuring my former editor Peter, his wife and 7-year-old daughter, who became instant best friends with Becky, which was extra nice because Sarah usually monopolizes "new kids."
  6. And finally... eating steak and burgers, drinkin' Buds, talking, listening to music, watching the kids enjoy each other's company. There were five of them at that point: our two, Peter's daughter, and Z's two daughters.
Yesterday wasn't too shabby either: Z. and K. set up a bagel breakfast, then I read most of the Sunday paper in bed and had a short snooze, then puttered aroundm, got a few more groceries with K., then had another barbecue with the eight of us plus Ben's stepsister J. and her teenage daughter A. (visiting the East Coast to check out colleges for A.), and J's niece. Quite the crowd. Thank God for Chinet.

This morning was the best part of all. I woke up without aid of the clock radio at 7:30, more than an hour later than on previous weekedays, because school's finally out -- woo hoo!. And I didn't have to yell at kids to get dressed while I threw together breakfasts and lunches before the bus arrived. I got myself ready and tiptoed out of our bedroom -- and the girls were still sleeping (they were in our floor due to the crush of houseguests). And the Red Sox are in first place. Life is good.

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