Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Monday

Saturday: Excellent family party at home of friend who just turned 50. Pizza and basement play for kids, beer and tasty noshes for the grownups. Sunday: dinner at father's house. Fun quotient compromised by taking two antihistamines with Sudafed instead of just one. My thinking was that two are twice as good as one (duh!) and the antihistamine part won't make me sleepy because Sudafed is a stimulant. Result: my heart rate went up and my hands were shaking a wee bit from the Sudafed but I was also SO sleeeeeeepy. Got lots of sleep last night but still have that letdown Monday feeling. I hate Mondays and I'm not even sure why.

Amusement of the past week: The Mr. T Coloring Book on Sweet Juniper. I recommend downloading the PDF rather than reading it online as it loads slowly. My biggest question after seeing it was: what in the world was the subject of the original unsullied version, if not gay teenage gymnasts? It's a head-scratcher for sure.

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