Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm 47 but feel a lot younger all of a sudden

Not physically, more's the pity, but in the sense of being my father's child again. The reason? I'm planning his 80th birthday party (catered at my house) so of course I'm starting to get wound up with wanting everything to be perfect to impress his friends. Not to mention the ordinary stress of event planning (invitations, caterers, where-the-hell-will-people-park, etc.). Fortunately he;s not the kind of person who actually expects an oh-so-perfect glitzy event with the fish forks placed just so on the table linens and whatnot. If my mother were still alive, I'd be a lot more worried about throwing a party for her as far as perfectionism goes. I'm trying to be smart: getting Ben's help (he's very good at this sort of thing), and concentraing on the fun stuff like putting together a PowerPoint of pictures and remarks that are amusing without being downright embarrassing. For some reason I find that task a lot easier to contemplate than negotiating with caterers. I'm sure he will enjoy everything and it will all be wonderful, lalalala, unless there's a kitchen fire or the cat poops in the crudites. Deep breaths...

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