Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now I know what the weather is like my new office with an honst-to-God window. Fourth floor, overlooking a plaza with lots of people, buildings and even a colorful maple tree. Before, I had to get up from my cubiel in the middle of the room and sneak into someone's perimeter office with a window to see if there was a thunderstorm (AGAIN) this summer. Don't get me started on the weather this summer -- the first full summer in our house, where I planned all spring for plants on our roof deck, knowing I always forget to water them, so I invested in self-watering planters with reservoirs on the bototm and no drain holes. And they all tuned into mucky swamps because WE'VE HAD SO MUCH GODDAMN RAIN. Though I think we may actually have some tomatoes if they manage to turn red before the first frost, which feels like it could come any day now. <\end of weather rant>

So yeah, the new job. I will certainly be busier than I was, which is all good. Also a lot more human contact so I can actually care about what I wear every day. I could have gone to work in a loincloth in my last job and it wouldn't have mattered, since I sat alone in my cube all day. Now I can show off all my haute couture. NOT. The only drawback, at least in the short term, is I lose the work-from-home deal I had on Thursday and Friday afternoons, but I've been assured it will return in a few months when some other personnel issues get sorted out.

Last weekend was fun; we went to Connecticut on Saturday for a reunion of newspaper folks from 20 years ago (good lord) and some delicious food at the fun-filled house of C. She collects all sorts of tchochkes including metal wind-up toys, so the kids had a ball. And it was wonderful to see everyone again (big shout-out to Adam!) Then on Sunday morning we zoomed back in time to have Sarah's birthday party at the local pond. One advantage of am August birthday is you can do that sort of thing. My advice? Don't do that sort of thing. There was thunder about 45 minutes before the end (thunder in the summer of '08? HARD TO BELIEVE!), which meant that by pond rules everyone had to leave and go home or sit in their cars for half an hour. Except there were eight girls and one car. So we threw a tarp on the grassy part of the parking lot and ate cake until the lifeguards kicked us out for good, which fortunately was the end of the party anyway. Then a nice burgers-n-dogs dinner with our neighbors with three three girls. The next day was my first day at my new job, so of course Becky woke up at 3:30 with a brutal croup and repeated vomiting. No more sleep for either of us. Ben stayed home with her and took her to the doctor who diagnosed a virus (those medical school tuition dollars hard at work again!). Neither of us could stay at home Tuesday so I found a babysitter for $75 until 3:00. Then yesterday and today I had massive guilt sending her to day camp when she clearly is not at 100% energy-wise. But! No time to think about that -- we have four houseguests coming tomorrow evening for the weekend for a baby-naming (Z.'s child -- another girl). Since I no longer have a Friday afternoon, I'm thinkin' Chinese takeout with challah. What could be more Jewish on Shabbat?

Evenm though I have actual work to do now, I'm never too busy to troll the web, so I leave you with spray-on condoms.

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