Catching up

How interesting are elevators? Not so much, you think? Just read this article in the New Yorker -- fascinating stuff. And like any good informational piece, it's centered on a human story, and an amazing one: a guy was trapped in a New York elevator in 1999 for 41 hours.

* * *

Unbelievable story of child neglect. Though I have to think she was born with some organic problem as well (autism and/ore retardation). It shows yet again the importance of early childhood experiences in shaping a person for life.

* * *

Nantucket was amazing. I can't wait to go back with the kids, maybe in the fall when it's not so crowded. We zoomed all over the island on scooters, which were a blast but not so good on sandy tracks in the interior, but that's when you just have to push with your feet. The highlights: Madaket, Siasconset, Pocomo Point. The restaurants were expensive but unbelievably good -- I had no idea so much gourmet fare was to be had. We went to the Boarding House, The Ship's Inn and the Straight Wharf Restaurant. Each was better than the last. I mean, who would have thought that watermelon gazpacho would be so fabulous? And the three-basil salad with spinach -- yum.

We also found an interesting artist named John Lochtefeld painting away in his Fair Street studio and bought some etchings from him, as well as a book containing his art alongside words written by his daughter, whom he said had died unexpectedly in her 40s. I assumed car accident or something until we got back to the B&B (Sherburne Inn) and googled her -- turns out she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend (the first murder on Nantucket in 20 years) and sentenced only a year ago.


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