Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Because he just couldn't help himself

Today's political news actually isn't about Clinton and Obama -- it's about Eliot Spitzer, the rising-star governor of New York and anti-corruption former attorney general, the Crime-Fighting Sir Galahad Who Couldn't Keep His Lance in His Pants. Yes, he was caught via government wiretapping (one of his favorite weapons as AG) as being "Client #9" in a high-priced prostitution and money-laundering ring. He follows a well-traveled highway in American politics after Toe-Tapping Larry Craig, Gary Hart, James McGreevey and of course Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy. I was going to speculate here about what causes this urge for reckless sex in men of power, but The New York Times beat me to it. The only question remaining in my mind, which a family newspaper can't address, is what exactly would make it worth $4,300 for three hours of... whatever? I mean, just how good can the sex and thrills be to justify that kind of dough? In short, what the heck were they doing?

Completely unrelated: a recent Arlo and Janis comic about the state of the newspaper industry. The Boston Globe is losing money and just announced another round of buyouts. Amazing to think that cities like Boston and New York each once had numerous morning and evening papers, all presumably profitable, before TV and then the web mowed them down. I'm waiting for the day when newspapers start folding in medium-sized cities that don't even have a second paper.

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