Saturday, March 01, 2008

10 things I don't get

This has been going around the Internets and even though I wasn't tagged, I thought I'd fill out the form myself anyway. These are in no particular order.
  1. Opera and speed metal.
  2. Those weird tropical fruits in the supermarket. Who even knows how to cook or eat them? Why are they there except as the store's way of proclaiming their fruity diversity?
  3. Willfully stupid people. If you're dumb, at least feel guilty about it and/or try to get yourself a bit more informed. This of course includes people who don't believe in evolution and those who don't understand the concept of metaphor, as in being unable to say, "Hey, maybe the earth WASN'T created in six 24-hour days BUT I can still believe in some kind of God and take some good things from this-yer book!"
  4. College kids who wear shorts or flipflops in the winter, and I'm not talking about UCLA here. Is this some sort of masochistic toughness display, a sadly misguided statement, or just being so damn lazy that you'd rather freeze your ass than do laundry?
  5. Ouzo, 151, slivovitz, sake, and several other truly nasty-tasting alcohols.
  6. Anorexia. Assuming your vision isn't impaired, how can you not see the bones about to poke through your skin, not to mention all the other objective measures that you're starving to death?
  7. People who pull into a busy road V-E-E-E-E-RY SLOWLY because they're scared, thereby actually increasing the chance of getting smacked than if they'd just peeled out and accelerated smartly.
  8. Physics.
  9. The Middle East and why they just can't stop killing each other. Hey fellas, the other guys are here to stay. Deal with it.
  10. Lumped into one because I stole them from another site: watching pro golf or hockey, caffeine-free diet soda, eating shellfish, and toy breeds of dogs that fashion-plate airhead women carry in a purse and that yip and have stained brown fur around the mouth.

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