Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Because it's snowing like a bastard. Which actually has nothing to do with Christmas since we almost never get a white Christmas in these parts, but what the hell, it made a good post title. Actually it's MORE unlikely than a white Christmas -- a white week before Christmas when winter hasn't even officially started, but we've already had one storm dumping four inches of slush which froze into Icy Driveway Hill From Hell, plus several sessions of freezing rain resulting in ice coating everything in sight, and now a winter storm that stared at noon and had aleady dumped about five inches of powder by the time I got off the packed and steamy train at 3:30 ( a train that miraculously left Porter Square on time).

So here's my Snow Story Thus Far. My workplace had an early dismissal, which is fairly unusual. but so did Ben's, so he picked up the kids, whose school called oh about noon to announce their exciting plan: HEY LET'S CLOSE EARLY NOW INSTEAD OF DECIDING AT 6:30 A.M. LIKE ALL THE OTHER SCHOOLS! Oh well, you can't look an early dismissal from work in the mouth. fast forward to getting off the train. Ben and I had switched cars this morning since he works west of here and had to drive home. So I'm in the train station commuter lo with his Saab that has traction control but not as good as my Mommobile for People Who Can't Bring Themselves to Own a Minivan, a.k.a. the Subaru Outback. I booked out of my parking space through a small snowbank, but fortunately a Bobcat had plowed the rest. Which didn't help me actually getting OUT of the lot, where I tried a right turn onto the street with a mild uphill incline but was forced back in defeat, wheels a-spinning. So I went the other way and drove home at 14 mph, which was fine since it's only two miles tops. Ben had gotten home first and had shoveled the driveway, not that it did any good, mind you. I gave up after two attempts to get up into the garage and the Benj-Meister took over. And damn, but he's good. I pride myself on winter driving techniques, nursing the steering, gas and brakes into making the car go where I want it to, but he is Da Man. Lotsa skidding, backing and weaving, stopping twice for a bit o' sanding but he did it. And he only hit the stone wall once, on the first try.

So tomorrow we'll see if I get to work tomorrow or work from home. Stay tuned.

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