Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here kitty kitty...

For some reason, I've seen several funny blog posts lately that are written from a cat's point of view. The best is probably Finslippy's highly aroused feline, just before the cat's nascent sex life is about to come to a screeching halt. There's also Blueloggy's cat's nighttime ritual. As an owner of Milo, the very large and very vocal part Maine coon cat, this all sounds terribly familiar. If I were to record Milo's nighttime chatter, it would probably be something like:

"Hi! Here I am! I love you, which you can tell by the high-volume purring! Mind if I make myself comfortable? Fine, whatever. Getting comfortable, as you know, requires me to stick my butt in your face, or at least in close proximity thereto. Yeah, well, same to you, buddy! Oop, you just tossed me off the bed. That's gonna cost you a 3 a.m. visitation, compliments of the house. OK, so now we're done with the button-ing )as in 'button the face'), we're ready to relax at last. THUD! No, that was not a previously undiscovered seismic fault below Leafy Suburb, that was me dropping my bulk against your recumbent form. Nighty-night!"

This all made me ponder once again as to the proper terminology for cat behaviors. Here's one set of terms as a starting point. The rhythmic kneading of bedclothes (or large stuffed animals in my kids' rooms), which the aforementioned site calls "making bread," we call "wootening" from an old Arlo and Janis cartoon. We also call Milo "Button" when he graces us with a closeup view of his backside. This derives from a Rhymes With Orange cartoon; the cat owner used that nickname for her cat because it's short for "butt in the face."

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