Friday, August 24, 2007

Another milestone

Today is Becky's last day of preschool. We're picking her up in an hour or so, and I don't know what to expect. Gales of tears wouldn't surprise me, but on the other hand she understands this is her last day and seems genuinely excited about kindergarten, so we'll see. Except for Monday, this is also the last week I'll be driving to work every day. I'm going in for a commuter rail pass even though it will probably take a few more minutes and saves little if any money, because it will certainly mean less wear and tear on the car, and less aggravation from fighting traffic, when instead I'll be sitting in a beautifully appointed railway car, listening to mind-improving podcasts or meditation tapes or Spanish lessons. Or maybe just sitting next to a fat business guy hollering on his cell phone and dripping melted snow all over me as I try unsuccessfully not to slump against the greasy window while my eyes keep drooping shut because I forgot the travel mug of coffee. Again.

Anyway, we have a week of vacation as a family. We may go to New Jersey or me may not, depending on the weather and everyone's moods. Then the kids start their new school, I start my new commuting route and our transition to Leafy Suburb will finally be complete. Another sign of this closure is that the landscape guys came today with their bobcat and dump trucks full o' dirt, and our yard for the first time does not look like a vacant lot in the Bronx. Goodbye nails, broken glass, weeds and cigarette butts (though a few rusting hypodermic needles and used prophylactics would have completed the tableau) and hello (soon) to unnaturally green hydroseed.

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