Friday, August 03, 2007

Recent randomness


The bad news: we had two sets of tickets to two different Red Sox games this summer. The bad news: we (I) lost them in the move. The good news: my friend D. gave me her other standing-room ticket to a recent game. The bad news: it rained all afternoon and was still raining when we got to Fenway, but we wanted to see where we would have been watching from, so we went in anyway. The good news: the tickets were for the third-base pavilion, way up high and under a light structure -- a fabulous view plus a nearby new and clean restroom and concession stand that wasn't mobbed by 33,000 fellow fans. Plus during the rain delay, they showed Red Sox compilation clips (I would not call them "music videos") on the big screen accompanied by each song from the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper," as this summer is the 40th anniversary of the album's release. Unexpectedly excellent sound quality, and the orchestral crescendo at the end of "A Day in the Life," the album's last song, was set to ever-more-rapidly changing photos from the 2004 post-season. Inspiring to say the least. And as the last note died out, they took the tarp off and began a meticulous but speedy grooming of the field. The bad news: I had lost my wallet a few days earlier and so I didn't have a driver's license, and D. had locked hers in her car for safekeeping, so these two middle-aged ladies were denied the opportunity to overspend for beer and wine. The good news: see previous. It was the lowest amount of money I spent on going to a game in my entire adult life. Also we got to sit in comfy seats that someone bagged due to the weather. And it was a Red Sox game.


1. A perfect recent day: Sunday brunch at the home of relatives in the area, including killer home-made cinnamon buns. Then home for a nap. Then several hours at the local swimming hole, including a ride on the paddle boats, in perfect weather. Just wonderful.

2. I was hobbling for several days because the middle tow on my left foot was all swollen and purple. How did this happen? Simple. I was in a yoga class and we were standing on one foot in some sort of tree-ish pose, then the instructor told us to stand down and "shake it out." So I shook out my leg and foot like a dog, and I whacked my toes on the floor. Doesn't that take talent?

3. I did not rush out and buy the last Harry Potter book. I don't know if I will ever read it, though I did check some spoiler web sites a few days later to see if Harry or his friends finally bit it. I read the first two or three books but then lost interest.

4. An incredibly vivid and upsetting account of covering the genocide in Rwanda.

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