Thursday, May 31, 2007

The shirt of drama

Recently I bought several new summer shirts from (best prices anywhere!). One of them was sitting in our bedroom for several days and the kids kept begging me to wear it, so today I did. You have to use the zoom feature on that link to get the full effect, but it's worth it. I think. This shirt, it has a name: Spotty Dot. Its subtle yet eye-straining pointillist pattern evokes responses such as Becky's "Wow! Your shirt is so... obstacle course-y!" I reckon this is the closest I will come to evoking raw emotional reactions (swoons of desire AS IF, choked laughter, etc.) with just my clothing, which for me aims to provide camoflage and protection from the elements, nothing more. Why embarrass yourself with your own clothes when quasi-celebrities do such a good job of it themselves, and blow through a lot more money doing so? I'm thinking specifically of Caprice and Hofit Golan. I've never heard of either of them, but I do so love their outfits.

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