Sunday, May 13, 2007

Random notes

Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched a complete game last night, giving up just one run. Which is a good thing because we're apparently losing Beckett for a while due to his finger problem (too much Boston driving, perhaps?). For those who just can't get enough, there's a blog linked to the Boston Globe web site all about Dice-K in his mother tongue.

* * *

How to infuriate me and a lot of other people: calculate what the U.S. has spent on this idiotic war in Iraq and what we could have gotten for the money if spent more wisely. Oh yeah, and a lot fewer people killed, too.

* * *

Always good for a laugh in this American Idol culture: Go Fug Yourself, specifically the discussions of how to dress for success in a car sunshade and how to tell when your boobs are simply Too Big.

* * *

Amusing lines from the little ones recently...
  • Becky: "I love you as much as the earth! And you love me and the moon the same gallon!"
  • Sarah to Ben at the dinner table: "Are you getting gas after dinner?" (Ben ponders the gauge on his dashboard.) "Because you may be eating more than your appetite. Does your stomach hurt at all? No? Well, I'll ask again later."
  • Becky giggling in the bathtub after I made reference to a bar of soap, a unit with which she was unfamiliar: "A BAR of soap? You crack me out!"
  • Sarah: "My feet smell as clean as butter! I love butter."
In the "I Wish I Could Express Myself This Honestly" Department comes a beautiful post from Amalah about how she was initially disappointed that she was pregnant with a boy (making me think on how Ben and I felt when we learned Sarah would be a girl). You can believe every word because she's a wonderful and funny writer and also because her son is without a doubt the cutest baby on the Net.

In the "Life is Stranger Than Fiction" Department: brawlin' at the Boston Pops (complete with photo), and snackin' in Wisconsin. Because after all, "What else can you do in a small town?"

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