Wednesday, March 28, 2007

That's entertainment

I had a great talk with my cousin K. last night. She's the kind of person where even when you haven't talked in a long time, you pick right up where you left off, catch each other up on news and have some laughs. This was the first time in many years that we didn't at least talk by phone during the Oscars show; for a while there, I visited her in person so we could cook dinner, open a beer and root for our favorite stars, critique the host or hostess, marvel at the outfits, etc. Hopefully she and pretty much everyone else we've ever met will be able to come visit this summer after we're moved into our new house and host some sort of massive social event, or maybe lots of them, which would be great. I love having people over.

Getting back to outfits, I check Go Fug Yourself from time to time but there's not usually anything downright shocking, except this recent entry, which should have made the young lady cringe in embarrassment except she was probably too stoked up on interesting drugs, or maybe just plain drunk. One would hope she at least wore this outfit to win a large bet.

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