Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New England, I dream of thee

Yeah RIGHT. I come back from Florida and here it is, the coldest day of the frigging winter (7 degrees this morning and whistling, below-zero wind chill) in March. Plus my head is filled with cement from a cold which caused me to stay in bed yesterday, but not today, because we had to take the car in for service to repair the damage from the start of all this cold icy crap. This damage occurred the day after our only significant snow storm this winter, which was actually a mix of snow, freezing rain, slush, a bit of powdered snow and then the big-time deep freeze so it turned into jagged solid rock (see previous post). So Ben, all-around good guy that he is, went out a few minutes early the next morning to hack and scrape the aforementioned rock off our cars. At one point he lifted open the hatch on my car (Subaru Outback) but the ice had formed a solid barrier at the top near the hinges, causing this piece of trim (sort of a mini-spoiler) to snap right off, leaving the third brake light and the rear-windshield squirt thing just dangling there forlornly. Also meeting a premature death were my heavy-duty car scraper (the scraper wings just snapped right off) and our landlord's wooden-handled snow shovel.

I actually have some nice things to say as well, mostly about Florida, but I don't want to break my lovely mood right now, so I'll post some more tomorrow, if I can summon the mental and spiritual energy. Honk.

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