Monday, January 15, 2007

No more ranch

That ol' sunroom is really gonna get some light now...

And we all fall... DOWN!

No more garage or sunroom. Now to take a bite out of the main dwelling as the electric lines snap like licorice whips (did someone remember to shut off the power?).

The one thing that survived was the fridge, an old but large model that we wanted to put in our rental house because the fridge that's there was so small that dozens of objects came leaping out whenever we openeed the door, causing parents to hiss profanities. Turns out that when this bigger fridge was originally installed, various doors had to be taken off their hinges to get it into place in the kitchen. To de-install? Simply rip a hole in the side of your house!

This is not a sight you'd normally want to see from your kitchen counter as you're sipping coffee. Are you falling behind those mortgage payments just a tad? Can you say "Repo Man"? How about "Demo Man"?

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