Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Midwinter blahs

It's cold. I hate that. Maintenance workers have been in my office three or four times to make the heating register blow warm air rather than a chilly breeze, but nothing they do seesm to last. But now I have a space heater in here, so I clsoe my door almost all the way and scurry out of my office only for the most basic human necessities (plus the odd meeting here and there). We tried the space heater in the kitchen, which is really freezing – not enough heating registers and too little insulation), but it kept tripping the circuit breaker. QUALITY. It's getting old as well as cold. I'm getting psyched to move into the Forever House.

In the meantime, let us contemplate some good reasons to go to confession. And cling to the fact that we leave for Florida in exactly three weeks.

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