Monday, April 10, 2006

Dr. Strangelove

How scary is this? I'm starting to feel like an extra in a remake of "Dr. Strangelove," plus a heavy dose of Iraq deja vu. But it's not funny. Where in God's name are the Democrats and even the sane Republicans?

It would serve Bush right if he got bumped off by a child raised in abusive circumstances by a parent who could not get an abortion (like maybe someone in South Dakota, where the only provider these days is a retired doctor who flies in from Minnesota). It should be a lot harder to reproduce. Everyone, including Babs and Bush the First, should have to demonstrate that they will raise kids with a sense of compassion and social conscience; lotsa money is nice but certainly no guarantee of success. As the Sarcastic Journalist notes, “You have to go to college to get certain jobs. You take tests to drive a car. To raise an human being? Hell, all you have to do is the hokey pokey." Perhaps the College Board can come up with a PAT (Parental Aptitude Test) that you have to pass before downing your third cocktail with someone you just met in a bar.

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