Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The kidlets

Reading other parental blogs has made me feel guilty that I haven't documented Sarah and Becky's cuteness nearly enough. And they are of course the cutest, smartest and funniest kids on the planet, except when they're whining and screaming, which is only about 50 percent of the time, or it feels like about that. So I will try to record at least one cute thing a week for posterity's sake.

Yesterday Sarah applied one of the Sarah Rules of Pronunciation to a new word. The rule is: add an extra syllable when making a plural form of a noun that ends in two consonants. So for example, one guest, two "guestes." Yesterday the word she created in this way was "deskes," as in, "Those big, brightly colored plastic boxes on the floor you just tripped over and cursed in a muffled tone are our deskes because we're playing school."

Sarah likes to rough-house with Ben, and her latest game is "Gronjoe" (I have no clue about the origin of that word), which basically consist of forcefully leaping onto Ben's body in bed and laughing, which turns into squealing when he starts tickling her in retribution.

Both girls have the most heart-warming giggles. Becky will say something nonsensical and giggle with delight at her own wit. As for Sarah, I remember a couple of years ago when I first played the DVD with Warner Brothers cartoons. Up to that point she had been watching strictly kiddie stuff like Baby Einstein, Blue's Clues and Sesame Street, and I was curious if she could follow the faster pace and more sophisticated dialogue of Bugs Bunny et al (whose humor is mostly aimed at adults anyway). Well, one of the first cartoons was the one where Bugs is yet again trying to tunnel to Pismo Beach and surfaces inside a Spanish bullfighting arena, where the bull knocks him into next week, causing Bugs to play all sorts of abusive tricks on the bull, as only he can do. Sarah was not only getting the visual humor, she was laughing HYSTERICALLY. At one point she caught her breath and said, "This is SO FUNNY!" I don't think she was even three years old yet, but her good taste in comedy was on full display. Now she frequently asks me to say "HEL-LO, breakfast!" in Sylvester's lispy voice when he spots Tweety.

I will conclude this future embarrassment for my children by listing all the nicknames we have for them. Sarah is Sarah Bear, Bear-Bear, Saroo, Sarels, Roo-roo, Roosie, and (when she was younger) Love Bunny. Becky is quite often Boo-boo as well as Beckles, Beck-birds (something Sarah came up with a long time ago), Beckleburg, Beck-beck and Love Baby (still). Not to be outdone, Sarah has come up with matching nicknames for her parents: Mommoo/Daddoo, Moo-moo/Doo-doo, and Mooie/Dooie. Beats "Hey, you."

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